Like taking a walk through the woods - this bouquet features natural flowers and fillers, giving it the perfect "woodsy" look and feel.

Use this bouquet for your wedding, and keep a special piece of your big day forever. Put the bouquet in your favorite vase, and add to your home decor collection. Or give the bouquet as an everlasting gift to friends or loved ones. 

Kit Includes : 

  • 40 Sola Wood Flowers (ranging in size from 1.5" - 3") 
  • Wire Stems
  • Glue Sample 
  • Tape Sample 
  • Jute Twine 
  • Green Tortum Filler 
  • Bleached Bunny Tails Sample 
  • Broom Bloom Mahogany Sample 


Please note - this is a craft kit, this is not a finished product. The finished examples shown are for inspiration only. 

Woodsy Bouquet Kit